Wednesday, April 8, 2009

around the world in 80 days

this is the most economical way...


being global kids is another way to explore the world, but of course in a less economical way...


where is our next destination?


obviously i am no longer the one to decide...


"where am i now?"



Rachel said...

As a big fan of your blog, I'm really honored that Global Kids is being mentioned!

Sarah Yuen said...


媽媽阿四 said...


amy said...

rachel: we've always wanted to try out the class but looks like there's no 2-3 year class on weekends?

sarah: bingo!

mama4: it's a really good deal from marks & spencer (just $95). click here for details:

but i bought it like months ago and i'm not sure if they still have it now.

Rachel said...

I'll figure out something for you and Rafael for sure.

But let us get things done with our Art Exhibition and Music Festival first.

Am trying to find a date to do Music Festival with Teacher Irene being able to come back for it! We would like to do a Music Festival so that kids can come out and do a bit of music performance!

And you know Irene's pregnant, right?

hiwong said...

幅拼圖好好喎! 仲要ship 返hk 呀?

Mac said...

rachel: wow... thanks for organising the exhibition and festival. i am sure rafael will be thrilled : P

we are so excited not only for irene coming back but also her pregnancy!

Irene said...

Hello Rafael, Mac, and Amy,

It's been a while...ohhh I love Rafael's toys! Maybe we could play together one day :)

@Rachel, -_- can I just show up one day and show my belly?

amy said...

irene: we can't wait to see you and your big belly!