Wednesday, April 29, 2009

up close and personal

we love the singapore zoo. not only because the variety of animals but also the way they are kept. all the animals are kept in spacious and landscaped enclosures (except lions, leopard and boa. for snakes, i totally agree to cage them as they are the most dangerous and ugly looking creature in the world).

see what catches rafael's eyes?


small otters!


now where is rafael heading to?


wow... tigers! will it be too dangerous?


no worries, they are separated by moats. luckily tigers run fast but they are not good at long jump : P


while visiting hippos' home , rafael wastes no time in picking up (or being picked up by) another little girl : )


i am particularly impressed by the feeding time as we can come very close to the animal but are not asked to toss the food from miles away : P


rafael does surprise us by feeding the kangaroos himself. he usually throws the pet food on the ground when i ask him to feed my grandparents' dog.


rafael: nice to meet you mr giraffe. are you looking for mrs giraffe? she's just behind you : )


amy and i very much enjoy our stay in the zoo and i am sure rafael feels the same - but the only difference is he is more interested in these little xplorers than the animals...



Judy said...

Giraffes have the prettiest, prettiest eyelashes in the whole wide world - this is more to share with Amy and not Mac and Rafa - the boys probably won't be too interested in eyelashes...unless the said eyelashes are on some pretty little girls, right, Rafa? (and Mac too?! hahaha)

Wong said...

i shared the same view with you, the Singapore zoo is impressed by the way they keep the animals.
However, on the day i visited, heavy rain and all the pictures are decorated with umbrella and water drops.....

Sarah Yuen said...

I like the cart more than the animal too.