Thursday, April 30, 2009

100 reasons to love singapore

for rafael, reasons 1 to 100 are just the same...

as for me, i am deeply impressed by the service of the cafe in the hotel that we stayed in the city. can you believe that hot beverages in the cafe also include babycino? : )



Judy said...

聽說「星球」d 「多多」(christy 的叫法)有很多口味, 是不?

我因為小麥的1-100理由, 半夜三更大笑出聲!!

又, 前幾星莉我跟sarah yuen and her mom 去mccafe, 那裡都有babycino 呀, 不過好似叫「泡沫鮮奶」 - 好好味呀!!

- 完 -

alsace said...

Few months ago, I saw an article about traveling with children. The author goes to Singapore every year with children and mentioned not going to anywhere else before the children reach 6 years old.

I am planning a Singapore trip in June as well. Any tips to be shared?