Sunday, May 3, 2009

hide and seek

rafael loves to play hide and seek - no matter where he is - and it will bring him lots of joy and happiness if we pretend cannot find him. he will usually ask for more and more even though every time he hides in the same place : P how long can the innocence of a child last for?

rafale, shall we play hide and seek?


oh rafael, where are you? whose little feet are behind the curtain?


rafael really thinks he can't be seen when he can't see us : )


he will burst into giggle if we keep saying "rafael, where are you???"


he is so into hide and seek. and he will play at anytime or anywhere - be it the morning or at night, in the hotel room or on the street : )


Irene said...

I love the question :).

"How long can the innocence of a child last for?"

I wonder too.

Sarah Yuen said...

第四張相... ... 好嚇人啊!