Monday, May 4, 2009

what is it?

the other day when we have finished the music class, rafael is so busy with moving around the stools in the sitting area... what exactly does he want?


do you have any idea?


if you are still puzzled, let rafael tell you... "train! mama sit at the back and hoi hoi drive!" i am always surprised by the thoughts in his mind but i just love his creativity and ingenuity : )



Yoshi said...

Hey Rafael, love your creativity...the other days, there were a bunch of older kids here, instead of watching movie, they prefered to just hang out and play. And to my suprise, they could come up with tons of activities with Yoshi's little toys....amazing...this is just the beginning (will Rafael be a chef or engineer?!)

VT said...

oh, i guessed it right! i thought he was building a train too. 8)

aulina said...


mewmew said...

This is so funny, Amy! Christy does exactly the same thing and often gets many chairs (and tables) to create a train, a plane, and sometimes a bus. They really don't need that many "toys". All they need is our attention and time to play w/ them.