Sunday, July 19, 2009

101 ways to kill time

for rafael, i think playing with real cooking, as simple as making strawberry jelly, can kill more time than toy kitchen : P

step 1: cutting strawberry into pieces - at least 20 mins (yet you have to tolerate the juice spilled around the place...)


remarks: if 20 mins is not long enough, ask him to cut it into very small pieces. it will surely double the time...


step 2: stir the jelly mixture - 5 mins (again, you have to tolerate the sticky mixture spilled on your sofa, floor, table... and everywhere!)


step 3: put the mixture and the strawberry into glasses - 10 mins


remarks: you can also learn who rafael likes the most - usually the beloved one will have the largest portion... oh we finally came to know that rafael likes himself the most : P


step 4: tasting - 3 to 5 mins (depends on the size of his spoon)


step 5: evaluation - 1 min (obviously the strawberry is too sour for rafa : P)


p.s. yeah... it also helps kill your own time as it takes more than double the time that used to make jelly to clean up the aftermath...


Yoshi said...

I really admire u and Amy's tolerance and patience. Everytime after reading your cooking blog, it did inspire and encourage me to let Yoshi try more, I know he will enjoy. Just that I need to be in the cleaning mood as well....I mean EXTRA cleaning....thanks for sharing and innspiring. ^_^

woodstockbb said...

the way of avoiding spending your own time for extra cleaning is to do it at someone else's house.