Monday, July 13, 2009

d for dessert, s for summer

mac and i are born with a sweet tooth, and we couldn't bear to ban rafael from joining our summer icy dessert feast - be it ice-cream, jelly, pudding...

daddy has bought me this toddler cafe book back in april hoping that i could improve my cooking. on a summer morning when the big & small were sleeping in an air-conditioned room, i finally managed to make this chilly treat which actually took literally 3 minutes to make.



i just love to see children with food all around their mouth.




the mini popsicles are actually cream cheese plus peas. here's the recipe if you're interested (scroll down for the "sweet veggie pops"). daddy complained it's a little bit too cheesy so i guess next time we might substitute some of the cheese with milk.


alsace said...


Jennifer Carden said...

I am so glad oyu got a chance to make these!! You could mix a bit of vanilla ice cream in next time, milk will make them more icy textured.

Sarah Yuen said...

cream cheese plus peas????哎呀呀~