Tuesday, July 14, 2009

down down baby

a video especially for teacher irene:

teacher irene,

remember we learnt this song from you? down down baby - wish your delivery will be as smooth and painless as a roller coaster ride!

all the best from the mackie's family : )


Irene said...

Rafael, your voice is so sweet and cuuute!! Did you say,"don't laugh at me..." at the beginning? Thank you Rafael for your singing, glad you still enjoy the song! (HUGS)
Hehe repeating Down Down Baby in class = parents' sore thighs vs kids' giggle ;P

I will remember this on the POP day (oh YES, as smooth and as painless as possible). Thank you SOOO MUCH, Mackie's fam!! ^^

Yoshi said...

love his facial expression, very serious presentation. ^_^ good job.