Tuesday, April 20, 2010






it was daddy who decided the names for both kids, and our baby girl will be named heather - small shrubs with pink or white flowers (with spiky leaves) which commonly grow in rocky areas.

hmm, i like that these flowers are able to protect themselves and can still thrive under undesirable conditions.

(photo source: Torga-ordinária // Heather (Calluna vulgaris), distributed using creative commons licence)


馬渡太太 said...

Heather, I like the name! It's lovely! Guess daddy must have spent hours (office hours? ^^) to search for a good name! Hope to meet with little Heather soon!

alsace said...

It is a nice name. I have an aunty in australia with the name of Heather. She is a kind and lovely woman. Look forward to seeing little Heather soon.

v said...

just want to tell you i love the name!!! :)

Kambayashi said...

I like the name Heather too...especially knowing the meaning now..

I remember few weeks before Kiharu's born, I had a bit of worry whether the doctor is right about baby's sex too...and what got me worry even more was I just gave tons and tons of Yoshi's clothes to my friend, so everything else left in the house were pink and purple...^_^ luckily, there is no mistake afterall. (can u imagine if I had to call my friend for all those clothes back?)

Irene said...

Hello Heather! It's a beautiful pick daddy! How are you doing there, Heather? :)

Gwen said...

現在的科技應當不會錯,不過我好似妳咁,成日怕醫生看錯,就是不禁告訴人家是男是女,就只有身邊親朋好友知道便算了, 老公卻鐘意四出宣佈.

孜媽 said...

so now Mackie's family = Heather + Rafael + Mac + Amy!

amy said...

thanks everyone.

GWEN & Sabrina: 到現在我還是跟人說,"應該"是個女的。


v said...

我拼了HRMA﹐也可解作 Heather Rafael Management Association :)