Friday, May 7, 2010





爸爸要到入院前一天才正式開始放假,heather,你記緊要好好的多待一會兒,讓我可以有充足準備、讓我可以多給一點私人時間予哥哥、讓我可以在你出生前和爸爸有一天二人世界啊!親愛的,我們很快就會見面!: )

yes it's really the final countdown. i'm 37 weeks pregnant and it's my last day of work before my maternity leave.

heather should be around 6.5 pounds already and have a rather big head. with my previous c-section, the doctor recommends another c-section and has already scheduled one in 39 weeks.

mac's leave is only going to start one day before my admittance to the hospital. so our dear heather, please hang in there for a while and have a little more patience! with my exploding tummy, i just can't wait to see you but i'd really like to have some more last-minute private moments with your daddy and brother! see you soon my dear.


Irene said...

dear amy,

wishing you the smoothest and the most enjoyable delivery ever! we can't wait to (virtually) see Heather!

take care,
irene and tobey

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woodstockbb said...

can't wait to see the bb... upload some pix... will visit you when you are ready!

Kambayashi said...

We are counting down with u too... can't wait.

amy said...

thanks all for your blessings! just one more week to go! :)