Monday, September 20, 2010

especially for daddy

for daddy who is now 8098 miles away from us:


though miles apart, wish you will have dancing feet when you wake up every morning. if you don't, hope rafael and heather can bring a smile on your face (well, please forget about their grumbling moments for the time being).


we miss you. see you in 5 days. 五天後見。


馬渡太太 said...

Rafael is so BIG when sitting next to Heather!

Daddy said he misses you guys on fb too! :)

ALICE said...

Sweet mommy, sweet babies!!!

v said...

妹妹在學哥哥踢腳! 好笑!

孜媽 said...


哥哥的英文歌越來越有架勢,Miss Daddy Miss Me,爹爹在遠方,心也要甜溶化掉。


amy said...

馬渡太太: and heather has already grown so much... you could imagine how shocked i was to see such a small baby when heather was first born, and such a big boy when i met rafael again after the delivery! :P

alice: can't think of anything else i could do to cheer up daddy!

v: 好佩服d小朋友可以不停踢腳!我試過學妹妹成日舉高雙腳,攰到我呀!