Thursday, December 18, 2008

art at home

you probably knew how much rafael loves stamps, so one night we decided to have some little stamping fun at home too.

after playing with the stamps for a while, rafael thought he should put his whole hand on the stamp pad to do some palm prints on the paper! guess he must have tried this before at the creche?

really happy that you're not afraid to get messy for the fun my dear! can't wait to have more inspiration from your creative and bold ideas!

oh but still i guess it's better to get you a smock for your little art projects : P





sigh, it was another tearful morning today, and i could hardly make myself leave home when rafael - weeping of course - asked me to put my pyjamas back on while i was getting dressed for work. i really hoped i could join him in shaking my head when he said "work?".


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