Tuesday, May 18, 2010

sewing resolution

這才是我今年的母親節禮物 - 媽媽的衣車。





my mother had made me clothes and dresses when i was small, and i really wanted to keep this sweet tradition by making clothes for my daughter too. so here's the sewing machine from my mother, a little pouch that i made with my tutor-mother's assistance, and some fabrics that i bought. hope i can finish at least one dress before my maternity leave ends!


馬渡太太 said...

You are more suitable to be a Japanese mom than me...my sewing machine has been kept in the box for months since I have finished sewing the school bags! :)

The cloths are nice, where did you get them?

Agnes Leung said...

beautiful cloths!

Sarah Yuen said...

支持你! 因為媽媽以前也是十分喜歡sewing

amy said...

馬渡太太: i hope i could really make something before my leave ends! this post serves to remind and encourage myself :P

馬渡太太 & agnes: bought the fabrics from a small shop in wan chai! and they're cheap - just $16 to 20 per yard!

sarah: 謝謝你的鼓勵! :)

羅師奶 said...