Friday, October 16, 2009

a little accident

a couple of days ago i received another frightening call from the nursery while i was at work. rafael had tripped and bumped into a cupboard, and so broke his nose. it sounded not too serious from what his teacher described but she urged me to go take a look at him if i could.

it was indeed not too serious, with some slight nosebleeding (which had stopped long before i was there) and some scratches and bruises. i was glad that rafael, usually a cry-baby, acted strong and didn't cry much this time.

get ready for some more bumps in the years ahead my dear, because that's how we grow.

the little accident gave me a rare opportunity to visit rafael at school during my office hours. i saw where he had his lunch and nap, met his classmates and even got the chance to read him a book on a workday afternoon. : )



除了上學第一個星期的適應周,都沒有機會到靖愷的學校看看他上課的情況。我踏進學校時像個好奇的新生... "噢!原來靖愷在這課室吃午飯!","原來這就是靖愷常掛在口邊的子仲!","原來靖愷午睡時是睡這張床!"... 趁他食午飯時,我還探望過學校的小動物,原來有兩隻龜、四條魚。午飯後,我們又一起看書。



a little accident


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(都忘了孩子第一次跌倒是什麼心情了喇... )

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