Tuesday, October 13, 2009

why don't they share?

"why don't they share?" rafael asked when he saw the fish and tortoise snatching for our bread in our recent paddling trip.

oh dear, while you are still believing in stories about how animals can be friends and do all sorts of things together, how can i tell you that in the reality only the strongest survives?

it's still nice to be in the nature though. besides the fishes, we said hi to a tortoise family of three and a very busy spider.

it's also amazing to see how kids grow - last time around rafael was barely speaking!



親愛的小人兒,跟你讀的故事裡,除了你最初很怕看的the gruffalo,動物都是相親相愛相約一起開派對一起野餐。我怎好告訴你,現實世界裡卻是弱肉強食,也沒有可以騙倒gruffalo和只吃素的老鼠?


michelle said...

hi amy, may i ask where this lovely park is ?

amy said...

bien sur! :P

it's the wong nai chung reservoir park. more info here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wong_Nai_Chung_Reservoir_Park

woodstockbb said...